Too many faiths?!

It is sometimes said that there are as many different types of Christianity as there are Christians. At one level this is true: every human is unique. We all ask our own questions about the world and our place within it; we all draw different conclusions based on individual contexts. But Christian churches also proclaim a fundamental message: God makes the world and God loves the world. As a result, this page is both a personal take on faith while at the same time expressing key ideas which you will find embedded in St Michael’s and St Mary’s.

God exists and brings into existence

Christians believe in an all-powerful creator. We believe this because of what we observe from the world around us: the existence of a creator is the most satisfactory explanation for why there is a universe and not nothing. Contrary to crude stereotypes, this does not set religion ‘against’ science. Christians are sensible, reasoning people. Science and religion complement one another; we believe that God works through the forces of nature to shape his universe.

God is love and seeks our love

Christians also believe that God loves people and calls them into relationship with him. We believe this because the Church’s holy book, the Bible, contains a long record of personal human encounter with God. Beginning with men and women like Abraham and Sarah, the Bible recalls how God keeps summoning people into lives of holiness.

God’s love is shown in Jesus

    • At Christmas, God became human in Jesus in order to speak with us face-to-face. Christians believe that the caring and sacrificial way in which Jesus lived his life gives us the best model for how we should treat other people.
    • On Good Friday, Jesus died to break the barriers which we have set between ourselves, other people, and God. Jesus’ cross shows that there is nothing which God will not do to draw us back to himself.
  • At Easter, Jesus rose again and conquered death. Christians hope to share Jesus’ eternal life with God in heaven.

Where does Church fit in?

God calls Christians to form communities of faith.

  • God makes us and saves us – so we want to worship him. Please come to one of our Sunday services: St Michael’s at 9.30am or St Mary’s at 6pm.
  • God calls us to know him – so we want to learn more. Here are some of our  study opportunities
  • God changes lives – so we want to show his love to others. Two examples among many are our support for families through our toddler group , and helping those in need through collections for FEED, St Alban’s  foodbank.

Come and find out how faith is making a daily difference in this place!