Posted by on February 17, 2020

St Michael’s and St Mary’s Eco Green evening No.3 – 5th March 7.30pm in the Parish Centre.

This time it’s going to an unique event of 2 parts!
We will have our usual focus on generating ideas for us to all act to reduce our individual environmental footprint and sharing successes of having a ‘Green Christmas’. In addition we are going to discuss what we all can do to positively to impact the environment, and reduce carbon and CO2.
So here is an idea for a positive action…….

Can we as a community plant a tree, a wood, a forest in our local area?

As a group we are going to consider a few questions 
1 How?
• Mass planting day
• November 2020, February, March 2021
2 Where can we get the land from?           
3 Who?
• Our community, our children, everyone?
• Schools?
• Churches and congregations
4 Expertise
• Woodland Trust?
If you’ve got any immediate input let me know and we’ll try include in the evening
In addition, I again will try to get an environmental specialist to say a few words.

PS If you’re not sure how important this is have a read of the article below entitled Tree planting ‘has mind-blowing potential’ to tackle climate crisis
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