Posted by on April 30, 2019

Parish Centre, 14th May, 8.00pm to 9.30pm

Proposed Agenda

  • Opening presentation to set the scene, define objectives, define ‘a map’ for the evening – 10mins
    • Presentation on Plastic Initiatives -15 minutes
    • Q & A , Greenpeace will attend also -10 minutes
  • Workshop groups working up ideas on possible initiatives we can adopt -15/20 minutes
    • What individual actions can we take as congregation and community
    • Office and church actions
    • Corporate involvement in events
  • Groups highlighting areas we may focus on -15 minutes
    • Action Plan
      • Plastic reduction  
      • Reduce use of cars, cycle, walk, car share public transport
      • Establish community action events
      • Design a logo for a re-useable carrier bag
      • Get local businesses to sponsor events-park clean, plastic bottle recycling
      • Ver River

Q & A and Action Planning – 20 minutes

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