Medieval Daze coming to St. Michael’s – Sept 17th-22nd

The Friends of St. Michael’s Church have announced the launch of  Medieval Daze, a series of events in St. Michael’s Church and the Kingsbury Barn this September, to raise money for the maintenance of St. Michael’s Church, the building that gives the village its name.  

The Friends of St. Michael’s ChurchChairman John Verulam said:
“St. Michael’s requires regular maintenance.  It’s the oldest and most significant Anglo-Saxon building in Hertfordshire, it was built in the late 10th Century, and is now a Grade One listed building and we want to ensure it survives  another 1000 years.”

Medieval Daze under the banner “Party Like It’s 1539” will range from a talk by renowned conductor Harry Christophers of “The Sixteen” to a Medieval English Martial Arts demonstration, Medieval Drinks and Music, Tricycle Jousting and more:Acclaimed Fantasy Painter and Conceptual Artist Chris Achilleos Talks About Dragons

  • Acclaimed Fantasy Painter and Conceptual Artist Chris Achilleos Talks About Dragons
  • Arms & Armour from Film & Television with Armourer Terry English
  • Build Your Own Dragon Crafts for Kids
  • A Doctor of Medieval English Teaches You Anglo-Saxon
  • “Remembering King Arthur: Legends from Logre”  
  • Harry Christopher of “The Sixteen” Lecture
  • Have-a-Go Nerf Archery
  • Morris Dancers: Sword & Stick Dances
  • Sherwood Forest Bowyer Pip Bickerstaffe Builds a Medieval War Bow 
  • Master Terry Brown: Medieval English Martial Arts Demonstration
  • Tricycle Jousting

To get more advance information on Medieval Daze, join the Friends of St. Michael’sChurch by emailing the Membership Secretary Guy Marshall (click here). To join the friends of St. Michael’s Church costs £5 per year.