Posted by on June 27, 2020


We are in the process of reopening our two churches for private prayer. St Mary’s reopened on 13th June. It is hoped to reopen St Michael’s on 17th June or soon afterwards. Ahead of reopening, risk assessments have been undertaken and safety measures implemented in both churches, in order to protect and encourage us all. In summary,

  • do not come inside if you are exhibiting coronavirus symptoms
  • keep your hands clean – sanitiser provided
  • be mindful of contact surfaces – we have minimised these
  • maintain spatial distancing

Regular cleaning will be important as we go forward: if you have yet to get involved with cleaning but might be able to help, please get in touch with Jane Larman. Duties will not be unduly onerous or significantly different from our established regimes – its principally a matter of wiping down contact areas. Appropriate products and protective disposable gloves, etc., have been procured.

Regathering The government has indicated that gathering for worship may be possible from early July. Watch this website or subscribe to our regular updates (please contact the Vicar) for news of further developments. St Michael’s and St Mary’s wish to open as fully and as fast as it is safe to do so, and are actively planning for what we’ll need in the next stage of the return to normal. This includes ways in which will continue to support those who will be unable to regather at that point