The Parish of St Michael, St Albans with St Mary, Childwick Green
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Welcome to the Parish of St Michael, St Albans with St Mary, Childwick Green: two Christian communities, part of the Church of England, worshipping and serving Jesus in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

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St Michael's Heating Project
The heating contractors will be starting on site on Monday 8th September and plan to complete the renewal of the heating system by 27th October. There will inevitably be some disruption while the work is in progress. This is an unavoidable and urgent project. The interim arrangements are:

Worship at 8.00am and 9.30am will be held in church as usual.

  • Please remember to wear warm clothes as the autumn temperatures drop. If it becomes very cold worship may be conducted in the school hall.
  • Readers and intercessors please note that there will be no sound amplification, so voice projection will be important. Prayers will be read from the front of the church.
  • Much of the work will be focussed in the tower room and the adjacent area. Small children may be relocated during services elsewhere in the church.


  • The Wednesday school service will be held in Top School.
  • Wednesday communion will commence at 10.00am in the Parish Centre.
  • Choir practice will be held as normal in the choir vestry on Fridays and as far as the works permit, in the choir stalls on Sundays.
  • Sue Dyson and Imogen Broad will be liaising with the cleaning groups.
  • The church will be closed to visitors from Monday 8th September and there will be no further church watching for the rest of the season.

Children's Choir in Concert
The Children's choir recently performed in the Quorum 25th Anniversary concert at St Albans Baptist Church. You can watch and listen to three pieces from the concert by going to the Groups/Choir page.

Photo Archive
Photos showing the childrens' choir workshop and the bonfire party are now available. Click any image on the site to display a larger pop-up version. Recent and topical additions can be viewed on the Visit Us/Gallery 2014 page, or by clicking HERE. Pictures for 2013 can be viewed on the Visit Us/Gallery 2013 page, or by clicking HERE.

St Michael's Church from the South







The Vicar Kenneth Padley with Churchwardens Graham Willey, Imogen Broad and Retiring Churchwarden Sue Dyson









A Churchwarden's Wand



The Rev'd Kenneth Padley

Telephone: 01727,835037





Parish Administrator:

Georgie Ray (usually available weekdays 9.30am - 12.30pm)
Please note that from 1st December 2014 these times will change to 9.00am - 12.00 noon

Parish Office, The Vicarage,
St Michael's Street,
St Albans, AL3 4SL

Telephone: 01727,835037














Church Tour

A pictorial tour of the interior of St Michael's is now available. Photos of the surrounding area are also shown.

Click HERE to view the tour. If you drag the cursor across the screen you will be able to see the church interior to the left, right, up, down and behind.