The Parish of St Michael, St Albans with St Mary, Childwick Green
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Welcome to the Parish of St Michael, St Albans with St Mary, Childwick Green: two Christian communities, part of the Church of England, worshipping and serving Jesus in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

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Easter Celebrations 2015
Here is the calendar of the remaining seasonal events.

St Michael's Church


6.30pm Easter Carols
Joyful singing led by the choir

Easter Week Talk - Judas Iscariot
The text of the Easter week talk entitled Judas Iscariot may now be viewed on the Worship/Notable Sermons page.

Electoral Roll
Before the Annual Church Meetings in April, the electoral roll needs to be revised. The electoral roll will be open for revision between 4th and 31st March. If you are a regular worshipper and are not already registered, but would like to join, please complete an application form which may be found at the back of both churches. When completed, please deliver it to the parish office.

Annual Report and Accounts
Drafts of the Annual Report and Accounts are now available, prior to the APCM on 26th April. These can be viewed on the Groups/PCC page.

The Diocesan Newspaper - Seeround
Seeround is now only avaialble electronically, so paper copies are no longer available. This represents a small financial saving to the parish each year. You can display the current copy each month on this website by going to the Communications/Diocesan Newspaper page.

St Michael's Heating Appeal
Thank you so much to all who have responded to the recent appeal to replace St Michael's heating system. Over GBP 50,000 has now been raised. If you could help us reach our target of GBP 100,000 and support this ancient building at the heart of your community, please go to the Heating Appeal page.

Photo Archive
Click any image on the site to display a larger pop-up version. There are many new additions that can be viewed on the Visit Us/Gallery 2015 page, or by clicking HERE.

St Michael's Church from the South






The Vicar Kenneth Padley with Churchwardens Graham Willey, Imogen Broad and Retiring Churchwarden Sue Dyson









A Churchwarden's Wand



The Rev'd Kenneth Padley

Telephone: 01727,835037






Parish Administrator:

Georgie Ray (usually available weekdays 9.00am - 12.00 noon)

Parish Office, The Vicarage,
St Michael's Street,
St Albans, AL3 4SL

Telephone: 01727,835037














Church Tour

A pictorial tour of the interior of St Michael's is now available. Photos of the surrounding area are also shown.

Click HERE to view the tour. If you drag the cursor across the screen you will be able to see the church interior to the left, right, up, down and behind.