Autumn Explorations 2019

Faith seeks understanding.
Why not try some of these opportunities to deepen your walk with God this autumn?

Good Grief

We will be running three thematically-linked but self-contained sessions on death, dying and bereavement. More info from Bronwen Parr.

Funerals: practical preparation 

Good funerals honour the dead and comfort those who are mourning. But there is a bewildering array of venues, formats, readings, music, final resting places, etc. This practical evening will offer information and ideas for those who are thinking ahead, either for themselves or a loved one. We are delighted that this evening will be supported by professional input from Jason Downing, Area Manager of Phillips Funeral Services. Please come with questions and issues.

Parish Centre, Mon 14th Oct, 8-9.30pm 

 End of life ethics: contemporary debates

A variety of views surrounding assisted dying and bio-medical ethics are regularly in the news. This is a discursive evening with short conversation-starters and group reflection. 

Parish Centre, Mon 21st Oct, 8-9.30pm

Visions of Hope sermon series

Charles King will be helping us dig into the message of the Minor Prophets through a sermon series at St Mary’s Childwick, 6pm on the following Sundays:

  • Oct 20th: Amos and Micah: the hope of justice  
  • Oct 27th: Hosea and Zephaniah: the hope of restoration   
  • Nov 3rd: Habakkuk and Haggai: the hope of glory 
  • Nov 10th: Malachi: the hope of an unchanging God 

Charles writes, ‘in all of the minor prophets, it’s about discerning the nugget of joy that offers hope. The mode of presentation is itself something for today: it’s not easy in our world; the nature of our lives is such that they can present so much complexity; what the Christian faith shows us is how to discern hope even in amongst the complexity. We find hope and joy quite within what we’re currently doing. The prophets speak into the current situation, cognisant of it, but looking beyond.”

More info from Charles King

Exploring Faith / Confirmation

Kenneth will be gathering another group of adults to explore the major building blocks of Christianity. Those who do this course may wish to proceed to Confirmation in the Cathedral next Easter. Space is given for issues raised within the group but across the six one-hour sessions we hope to ask:

· Can God exist?

· Are science & religion incompatible?

· Why is there evil?

· How can Jesus make a difference?

· What is Anglicanism?

· Is there life beyond this life?

· Why pray?

Dates, times and venue to suit participants; please email Kenneth if you are interested or want to find out more.

Regular opportunities

Alongside these one-off opportunities you might be interested in:

Joining a Home Group. These are small gatherings from St Michael’s and St Mary’s which meet for Bible Study, prayer and friendship in parishioners’ houses on a roughly monthly basis. Please contact Charles to explore this further.

Adult Learning at the Cathedral: an amazing range of talks, study days, and courses