Autumn Explorations 2018

Faith seeks understanding.
Why not try some of these opportunities to deepen your walk with God this autumn?

Church Music Afternoon at St Michael’s Church
Sunday 30th September: St Michael’s Day

2.30 p.m – Open choir rehearsal

We will be rehearsing a selection of music for services up to Christmas. Singers interested in joining the choir or able to offer a part-time commitment and prospective Choral Scholars are warmly invited to this event. Followed by a Buffet Tea and then…

5.00 p.m. – Choral Evensong


Africa Evening
Monday 15th October, 8pm, Parish Centre

An evening with George Throup (Organ Scholar) and Emma Smillie (Choral Scholar) who will be discussing their recent trips to Zambia and Uganda, and the charitable projects which they have been supporting – with the aid of your donations!

NHS at 70 Evening

The Pastoral and Worship Committee is working towards a panel discussion led by parishioners who work in the healthcare sector sharing something of the stresses and joys of their jobs and where faith fits in. Details to follow…

Vicar’s Sabbatical Feedback

Kenneth will be leading two routes into what he discovered on his recent sabbatical visit to the Seven Churches of Revelation in Turkey.


‘Nothing beside remains’

A photo tour of the ruins of the seven churches
8pm, Parish Centre, Tuesday October 2nd

‘Hear what the Spirit is saying’

Sermons on what the Letters to the Seven Churches might mean for us today
St Mary’s Childwick, 6pm on the following Sundays:

October 7th: Ephesus: the cosmopolitan one
Revelation 2.1-7

October 14th: Smyrna: the persecuted one
Revelation 2.8-11

October 21st: Pergamum: the political one
Revelation 2.12-17

October 28th: Thyatira: the industrious one
Revelation 2.18-28

November 11th: Sardis: the complacent one
Revelation 3.1-6

November 18th: Philadelphia: the faithful one
Revelation 3.7-13

November 25th: Laodicea: the self-centred one
Revelation 3.14-22




Its great once more to have a chance to explore the major building blocks of Christianity. One group will be for adults, the other for teenagers. Course participants may wish to proceed to Confirmation in the cathedral next Easter. Space is given for issues raised within the group, but over the six sessions we aim to cover God, Jesus, salvation, Church, worship, and ethics. Dates, times and venue to suit participants; please see Kenneth if you are interested or want to find out more.

An Introduction to Church History

Kenneth will be leading another Cathedral Study Centre Course this autumn, covering the history of the Christian Church in a broadly chronological manner. Each of the sessions will focus on a particular period of Church history from the first century to the present day. Within each session, time will be given not only to key dates and events, individuals and movements, but to art, architecture, liturgy and music. The course will focus on western Church history, but include material relating to the Orthodox Churches and to Christianity in Africa, Asia and South America, as well as Europe and North America.

This is a ten-week course. Each session consists of two 45 minutes lectures with refreshments in between.
8pm in the Chapter Room in the Deanery at the Cathedral
on Thursday evenings beginning September 27th .

Those attending this course will need to be registered with the Study Centre and pay the Study Centre’s fee.

For details please visit

Advent Stillness

Escape the chaos of December with:

Advent Carol Service

Evocative words and music as we look towards Christmas
Sunday 2nd December 6.30pm
St Michael’s church

Advent Quiet Evenings

Icons, candles, silence
Tuesdays December 4th, 11th, 18th
St Michael’s Church


For more information, please view the programme by clicking here